A Cognia Accredited and "A+ School of Excellence" | Tuition-Free Public Charter School | 24-25 School Year Applications Now Open A Cognia Accredited and "A+ School of Excellence" | Tuition-Free Public Charter School | 24-25 School Year Applications Now Open A Cognia Accredited and "A+ School of Excellence" | Tuition-Free Public Charter School | 24-25 School Year Applications Now Open

Jamol James
Mathematics Teacher

Hello COHEA family, my name is Jamol James, and I am a Miami native born and raised in Miami Gardens. I serve this community as a teacher, a tutor, and personal trainer because I want to give back to the community that once served me as a youth. I am a University of Miami Alumni as well as Miami Carol City Sr. High School Alumni.  I have 11+ years of experience in education and have worked in all types of educational institutions. During my tenure, I gained experience in how to effectively administer a Mathematics lesson to a classroom full of students. I have worked as Mathematics teacher in the public school, private school, charter school, and alternative school educational sectors. Furthermore, I have 4 years of experience working in Yeshiva for private school Mechina of South Florida located on Miami Beach. In addition, I have taught to low income Title 1 schools servicing the lowest 25%. I am familiar with the I do, We do, You do Gradual Release Model that is now in place to teach our students. Before teaching I spent a school year as a math interventionist at Miami Central Senior High. During this period of time I created lesson plans and provided interventions (small group instruction) with the lowest performing 35% of students. I supported the teacher I was paired with to reinforce Algebra 1 strategies during whole class instruction. I also mentored students to build strong character and was a role model for students to emulate. In addition, I facilitated character building activities for students with behavior challenges. The rest of my classroom experience comes from whole group instruction in which I instructed class sizes on average of 23 students. In conclusion, I collected and monitored student data to monitor their academic progress. I would like to continue this experience as a Mathematics Teacher at COHEA and help improve the lives of our students by providing quality lesson plans, differentiated instruction, and a positive optimistic attitude that will shape each student for a bright successful future and aid them to pass their EOC exam. My relevant qualifications include my Bachelor’s in Health Science Business Administration. Also of note is my certification to teach Mathematics 6th –12th and Mathematics 5th – 9th. These test prove that I can understand the subject area that I am teaching and I am certified to administer a lesson within the Mathematics 6th-12th curriculum. This certification allows me to be able to teach professionally as well. The test included Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Calculus, Statistics, Discrete Math, and Trigonometry curriculum. Performing interventions within these subject areas are ideal for me and would allow me to best administer my skills to improve student's scores on mathematic exams. In addition, my minor in business administration has given me a solid background in mathematics so that I can contribute to teaching students how to analyze and solve algebra problems. To receive my minor in business I had to pass math courses such as finance, accounting, and calculus which dealt with numbers and calculation. This enables me to be effective when teaching. Using my knowledge to prepare students for test, college, and the real world is what I want to provide as an educator. With my skill set and proven track record I am the perfect candidate to prepare your children for what the will face on the EOC exam. Thanks for the opportunity to serve and support you children.

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