A Cognia Accredited and "A+ School of Excellence" | Tuition-Free Public Charter School | 24-25 School Year Applications Now Open A Cognia Accredited and "A+ School of Excellence" | Tuition-Free Public Charter School | 24-25 School Year Applications Now Open A Cognia Accredited and "A+ School of Excellence" | Tuition-Free Public Charter School | 24-25 School Year Applications Now Open

                                              City of Hialeah Educational Academy 2023-2024

                                          Health Education/Medical Detectives Teacher: Ms.Lima

                                                                        Room# 203

                                                        E-mail: dlima@coheaedu.com

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at dlima@coheaedu.com. I look forward to a great school year!

The topic of health is near and dear to my heart. During the first portion of 3rd quarter, I plan to peak your interest in the topic so that hopefully you can begin, or continue to live a life of wellness. Toward the end of the first 9 weeks and the entire second quarter, you will use what you have learned to investigate as a real-life medical detective by analyzing medical data you collect to diagnose diseases. You will learn through hands-on/virtual projects & labs, explore disease outbreaks and have a further understanding of the functions of the brain. Work will be completed individually as well as in pairs & groups.

Course Objective: First and foremost, the goal is for students to be educated on positive health behavior so they may practice and encourage others to pursue a healthy lifestyle. While doing so, they will also be exposed to one of the many aspects of the health care field.

The following are a list of topics covered:

  • Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Social and Spiritual Health Stress
  • Nutrition
  • Disease Detection
  • Mysteries of the Human Body Systems
  • Outbreak

Materials Required:
1. pocket folder w/ prongs labeled MEDICAL DETECTIVES on cover 2. loose-leaf paper or spiral notebook
3. pencils
4. pens
5. color pencils, crayons or markers
6. highlighter
7. glue
8. scissors
9. index cards

There is no textbook for this course. Students will use the Learner Management System (LMS) on the Project Lead the Way website www.mypltw.org when completing the Medical Detectives portion of the class.

Portfolio: A portfolio is required for this class. Each student should have a pocket folder with prongs. Place all classwork (notes, etc.) in your folder. YOU MAY NOT SHARE THIS FOLDER WITH ANOTHER CLASS!

In-Class Assignment Policy: All classwork assignments are expected to be submitted on-time. Students who did not complete an assignment may receive a behavioral consequence. The assignment must then be completed after school. Keep in mind, every school day the assignment is delayed/late the grade will be reduced. In rare cases, incomplete classwork will be sent home to be finished. Please be advised this is in addition to the already assigned home learning.

Absent Make-up Work: If a student is absent/out ill, IT IS THE STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY TO ASK ME UPON THEIR RETURN FOR ANY MAKE-UP WORK. Once received, the student must return the work promptly. Be aware, a “Z” will be placed in the gradebook until make-up work has been submitted & graded. Students have 3 days to make-up assignments upon returning to class with consideration of when finalized grades must be submitted to administration. Homework assignments are also sent nightly through Remind101 and posted on Google Classroom. All make-up work should be submitted via Google Classroom in the Make-up/Late/Re-done Work Folder. Students are asked to be patient regarding grading of make-up work. It is checked weekly.

Grade Breakdown:

30%- Major Assessments/Tests

25% -Minor Assessments/Quizzes



5%- Homework

Expectations for Success:
Consider the safety of yourself and people around you
*Show Respect to everyone and everything (example: keep hands/body/feet to self) *Arrive on time and be prepared with required materials
*Follow all classroom procedures (example: raise hand for my attention, wait patiently) *Keep all edible/drinkable items in your book bag
*Use technology wisely
*Follow all COHEA Rules & Policies (as per the student handbook)

Classroom Behavior Consequences:



3-Parent Notification (examples: Hero, e-mail, Remind101, text message, phone call, etc.)


5-Discipline Referral

** Please note: Certain misconduct or misbehavior may warrant an immediate consequence. Several warnings during the same school day may lead to the assignment of a detention and/or administrative referral. Depending on the misconduct, parent notification prior to the assignment of a detention or referral may not occur. ANY MISCONDUCT DURING DRILLS WILL IMMEDIATELY BE SENT TO THE OFFICE WITH A REFERRAL.


Attendance plays a key role in your learning. It is your responsibility to be present and, in your seat, when the bell rings. Given that we only have a certain amount of time together, punctuality is a must. If you are tardy, you must have a written excuse on school official paper from the teacher who detained you or the administration. Tardiness will also be tracked in the HERO tracking system. Listed below are the consequences for unexcused tardiness:

  • 1st tardy: Verbal warning.
  • 2nd tardy: Call home.
  • 3rd tardy: Detention.
  • 4th tardy: Referred to administration, referral.
  • 5+ tardy, administrative actions.

Restroom Policy: In order to prevent interruptions of learning time, students are encouraged to use the bathrooms once direct instruction (teach lead) has concluded or during class changes. Students are expected to keep the facilities clean and behave appropriately while out of the classroom. *A doctors note may be required if a student has a medical condition that requires frequent use of the bathroom during the school day. Hall Passes will not be granted the first or last 15 minutes of class or during teacher lead instruction (lecture). Students are encouraged to use the restroom during their lunch break prior to entering their class to reduce disruption.

Water Fountain Policy: Students are not permitted to leave the room to get water from the water fountain. Students may drink from the fountain during passing time or while using the restroom.

Health/Safety & Hygiene (IMPORTANT): Projects are a major component of the course which takes place in the regular classroom and will involve working with small tools such as scissors, scalpels, etc. Larger tools such as hot glue guns may also be used. Following appropriate safety procedures is essential, therefore students will be required to successfully pass a lab safety procedures test with a 90% accuracy prior to participation in order to use the tools. STUDENTS WHO MISUSE TOOLS WILL BE REFERRED TO ADMINISTRATION. Students are required to wear supplied safety goggles while working on certain projects.

Students will be using antibiotics in one of the lessons. It is recommended that students allergic to antibiotics not participate in these activities. Please let me know on the next page if your child is allergic to any antibiotics such as penicillin, ampicillin, or streptomycin.
In order to prevent allergies, migraines, epileptic seizures and asthma which are triggered by scents, please refrain from the excessive use of perfumes, deodorants, body sprays and/or lotions. These items should not be brought to school. OUT OF RESPECT AND SAFETY TO OTHERS, IF YOU DO NOT FEEL WELL, STAY HOME. IF YOU COME TO SCHOOL, PLEASE WEAR A MASK.

Cell Phone/Smart Device Policy: Students must place their cell phones and smart devices (such as smart watches/ air pods) in the designated hanging pockets in the classroom. Phones should be silenced or completely turned off. Once class is dismissed, students will be able to retrieve their phones/watches and place them into their book bag.

Communication: Allow between 24-48 hours for updates in gradebook and follow up to email communication. Google classroom is NOT the gradebook. Any “grade”, percentage, or note on google classroom is intended for feedback purposes only. The best way to communicate with me about your concerns is via email; not during class time, and not via text or any other messaging platform. In your email, please include your full name, student ID number, class period, and the nature of your question or your concern. Class time is for instruction and learning.


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